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Martin Writes..
15 minutes of fame
By Martin "looking for Norfolk's youngest butcher" Kelner
Sep 19, 2014 - 11:00:07 AM

This is your chance to get into the high-paying, glamorous world of, er, BBC local radio...

A vacancy has arisen for a guest in my brand new slot on the award-avoiding Radio Leeds lunchtime show, Total Nonentities. 

This is where you can get onto local radio without writing a book, appearing in a panto at the local theatre, moaning about dog shit in the park, or running a campaign for more regular collections of wheelie bins.

We run the spot at 1.30 every day.  You get to choose three of your favourite tunes - and they don't even have to be Lionel Richie or Lighthouse Family or the stuff we usually play.   You can do it on a landline, on ISDN from a BBC local station or come into the studio and see how the, er, magic happens.

The slot can be anything from the standard Warhol 15 minutes up to 25, depending on how stultifyingly boring we both are.  So don't delay, get in touch today, with my producer

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