When did that shit finish? Nick Bright When was the last time... C*nt Chops Bon voyage mes amis - Nik Schofield John "waiting for the second coming of the PPP (I know I am)" Oram BBC.... F*ck Them! Here lies the PPP, smoking a wreetha since shit started
Dave Bateman Is it time to wash the curtains? "At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them." - Julian Tommy Titmouse All over Mexico, arses have stopped itching in sympathy All over Mexico, arses have stopped itching as a mark of respect How Bigga Boy Are Youuuu - Jim Roche "We Hardly Knew Ye".... or should it be "We Knew Ye Hard-ly?"
Oy Gevalt! Steve Sherburn I will miss you boys. Jay Rayner Wilf "We'll always have Wednesdays" Wharton Scrumpy Jack anne robinson's wizard's sleeve - A3 One man, one f***ing wreath And finally we get to whack off into the sunset..
A Sadder Day Than When A.A. Gill Shot My Baboon. R.I.P Le P.P.P John Leach Forever remembered in my heart as the pissest and poorest of podcasts. Rest in piss. Do you have any pictures of Cilla Black's wizard's sleeve?? Do you want to buy some?? Mr Wethers BOLLOCKS!!!... GUTTED???... AH KNOW I AM. Graeme Allon Wilf "We'll always have Wednesdays" Wharton Rich Mountford
Bof. Donkeys on Blackpool beach spend their 20-minute lunch break in mourning It started piss poor, and never got better. Rest In Peace (I know I do) Owen Ralph Pah!! Geoff Levett The bitter end........
Nick Letters
Graham Spark Glen Brent Missing a weekly dose of PPP so i've got the clap instead. Richard Hoddinott. Still Going Is It? Thank you for the Days........... My favourite biscuit is a Fig Roll. Vernon Hatton. What? No "Suck a Bag of Dicks"!! (When did that Shit start) Ian the Gardener