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What's going down in the Falklands? - PPP 220 answers the burning question
By Martin "wet suit" Kelner and Edouard "Cousteau" LaPaglie on Jul 16, 2010 - 5:39:10 PM

Take a bow, Dr Alexander Arkhipkin (crazy name, crazy guy), of the Falkland Islands Government Fisheries Department, who has been out cruising the seas, measuring the size of the squid's reproductive equipment, which gets him out of the house, and gives the sheep a break...


The expression, "F**k me, it's like a baby's arm," is rarely far from the good Doctor's lips, as he photographs packages of spermatophores being "delivered" to the female squid (A3, and no mistake).  A local resident says he's not seen anything move through the ocean like that since Her Majesty's torpedoes did for the General Belgrano...

Dive, dive, dive into the undersea world of Martin and Edouard.....And do it now while fish stocks last...

It's sustainable podcasting you can rely on.  Glug, glug....

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