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P P Podcast
Unplugged - a tasty morsel of free podcast!
By Martin "subscribe now" Kelner
Aug 22, 2017 - 10:11:06 PM

It's difficult to define exactly what the Piss Poor Podcast is.  I like to think of it as a news resourse, of particular benefit to anyone interested in crypto-zoology, technological developments, human behaviour, but mostly half-remembered and poorly reproduced schoolyard jokes.

But we realise it is particularly difficult to get anyone to pay for - or preferably sponsor - something without knowing exactly what it is.

So here, for not exactly the first time, is a smidgin of a free sample of the PPP.  You can contact me at or via this page if you're interested in a deep and meaningful involvement with the podcast, or simply subscribe at

A world of entertainment awaits.

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