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P P Podcast
Smother yourself in the fragrance of PPP 225 - it's the scent of a woman (if you know what I'm saying)
By Martin "Hai Karate" Kelner and Edouard "splash it on all over (I know I do)" LaPaglie
Aug 18, 2010 - 5:40:13 PM

Blimey, smells like teen spirit - but interestingly enough tastes like chicken.

Also in the all-new (ho, ho) PPP 225....

*A 300 Euro treat on the left bank of the Seine

*A tribute to Tony Upalonga Orlando and Dawn as a man in Sussex ties a yellow ribbon in a very personal place

*The ghost of Tony Blackburn and his dog dick (sorry, his dog Dick) haunt former pirate radio ship..

* Donald Duck in court after feeling goofy (sorry, feeling Goofy)

*And woman in Blackpool outrages public decency (Wot, just the one?)

It's all there, pop pickers, on PPP 225, the most fun you can have without laughing..

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