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P P Podcast
PPP 224 plumbs the depths - No change there then..
By Martin "jumbo haddock" Kelner and Edouard "saveloy on the side" LaPaglie
Aug 11, 2010 - 5:26:15 PM

Never has the word "scraps" been more appropriate as as Martin and Edouard cast their net wide to bring you lucky Piss Poor Podcast subscribers up to date with what you might unaccountably have missed in the world of strange piscatorial encounters....


*Michael Winner - still alive or what?

*Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk - will we ever find out what Martin did there?

*How not to offend a South African

and for art lovers..

*The joys of the rectal squirt

So get in there now, tell your friends, and relish the "humour" before Cheggers gets hold of it and squirts it all over the internet.  Chin, chin!

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