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Martins Money Saving Tips
Why not save a massive 50-bob on Leeds's big value comedy-style night downstairs at the Verve wine bar, Merrion Street, Leeds, next to Mojo??
By By Martin "Half Price" Kelner
May 21, 2009 - 2:33:51 PM

Yes, it's true...a comedy-flavoured digest of the news, a kind of scatological Metro, for half-price...

Where else will you find a better offer in these recessionary times? Er, Primark?

But what else can you do on a Tuesday evening in Leeds for the price of a pint? Er, go somewhere for a pint?

All right, you're so smart, get yourself down there and banter with the "professionals."

By printing out our E-flyer and presenting this at the door YOU get in HALF price!

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