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Screen Break
The massive contribution made by those of us who stay at home
By Martin "sitting and snacking" Kelner
Jun 19, 2016 - 8:59:27 PM

Here's a sample of Screen Break for Monday June 20th.  Full article, in association with the 2017 Concrete Show - the whole of the concrete industry under one roof - can be read on the Sporting Intelligence web site from 10am Monday

When the England football team arrived back from Italia '90 to a heroes' welcome - instead of what normally greets one at Luton Airport, grey skies and disillusion - I remember one or two of them expressing surprise, saying they hadn't realised the tournament had been such a big thing back home.  


Now, of course, sports teams abroad will be well aware, through social media, of the hopes and dreams invested in them by those of us in our living rooms or on our laptops; but it's rare a player will put in a word for us, the sofa-sprawling millions on the home front.  


So thanks to England rugby union captain Dylan Hartley who, after the historic victory over Australia on Saturday morning, and after his tributes to coach Eddie Jones, and the rest of the squad, 'the guys,' recognised the part played by those of us who just sit and snack.

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