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Screen Break
Screen Break - on Evel Knievel, Drive, & Calum Wilson
By Martin "jumping over 12 motor cycles in a double-decker bus" Kelner
Apr 10, 2016 - 9:31:37 PM

God, I miss World Of Sport (Teenagers, ask your dad or similar role model).   The show went out on ITV on a Saturday afternoon, and because the BBC's rival, Grandstand, had sewn up rights to most of the big events, World Of Sport was often left with action from the outer suburbs of the sporting world.   Log rolling, cliff diving from Acapulco, and the World Target Clown Diving Championships were just a few of the treats sports fans in the 1970s and '80s were invited to enjoy.


The ITV programme was modelled on a successful American show, ABC's Wide World Of Sports, but because the debut show could boast only table tennis from Wembley, racing from Sandown, and wrestling from Lewisham, producers here thought it prudent to drop the 'Wide.'


But it was where we first became aware of the phenomenon of Evel Knievel in clips bought in from the famous American ABC show which played a big part in the daredevil's rise to fame.....

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