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Screen Break
Clive Tyldesley's moment
By Martin "Euro 2016" Kelner
Jun 12, 2016 - 6:10:12 PM

Here are the first couple of hundred words of Screen Break for Mon June 13th.  Full article appears at 10am, Mon June 13th on the Sporting Intelligence site

Oh Clive, what were you thinking?  Justice for the England Eleven?   Really?   I had to wind back to check that really was the venerable ITV commentator's reaction to Eric Dier's free-kick goal for England against Russia.     


Actually, I needn't have bothered.   A simple search for 'Clive Tyldesley' on Twitter revealed that he really had suggested an equivalence between England's inability to make their dominance pay in a football match on Saturday night and those many causes celebres - not least Hillsborough - where justice denied had had to be fought for.

One of the milder expressions of outrage came from Jon S Baird who called Clive 'an absolute chomper.'   I have no idea what that is, but it seems fair comment.   I notice from his profile, incidentally, that Baird is a film director, currently working on a bio-pic about Laurel and Hardy.   How closely it is based on Tyldeseley and Glenn Hoddle is not revealed.

Full article at 10am tomorrow.  Grateful thanks to the concrete industry for sponsorship.



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