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The Holy Toasted Slice of Kelner
By Martin "embossed on dairy products" Kelner
Oct 7, 2006 - 10:53:23 PM

Toast of Kelner Miracle

It's a miracle!  Thousands of pilgrims flocked to a small village just outside Chertsey to the home of a local toast eater who claimed the image of a well-known and much-admired broadcaster and journalist had appeared on his toasted cheddar cheese and Marmite toasted treat....

Imagine their surprise and disappointment when it quite clearly turned out to be nothing like that at all, but merely a likeness of Martin Kelner, who writes an inferior version of Harry Pearson's column in The Guardian, loses on Fighting Talk, and occasionally presents the breakfast show on BBC Radio Leeds when he can be arsed.  Several of them left, cursing their gullibility, and said they wished they'd gone to see the house that looks like Hitler instead...

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