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Bits and Pieces
Your Chance To Be On The Radio
By Martin "Opportunity Knocks" Kelner
Jul 22, 2014 - 8:25:29 AM

Face it, you're never going to be on Desert Island Discs. 

So here's an alternative: your chance to impress radio listeners with your taste in music, and tell them a little about your life. 

Each day at 2pm on BBC Radio Leeds we have a programme called One-on-One, in which famous, semi-famous, and occasionally just mildly well-known people are interviewed about their life and choose a few tunes.

It's often someone in a play, who has written a book, has an album out, is a charity fund raiser, an entrepreneur, worked as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park, that kind of thing...

Well, for the summer, we're introducing a feature called Brief Lives - a kind of mini One-on-One - open to all. If you've never broken a code or been in a West End play in your life you still get to choose two favourite tunes and tell us a little about your life; your job, your family, your achievements. 

It's open to all, even total nonentities (much like local radio presenting).  If you fancy it, you just have to be free between 1.30 & 2.00 pm any weekday, and have a bit of a gob on you.

It doesn't matter where you live or what you do, you just have to be available to talk on the wireless for twenty minutes or so. It goes out on the internet, and is on 'listen again,' so it could be a unique little memento for friends and family

We can do it on the 'phone, or live in the studio.  Just get in touch, either with me, via this website or at or with producer, giving us a 'phone number.  We'll do the rest. 

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