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"My swan was expressing pus..."
By Martin "the swans have eaten the complimentary Hob Nobs" Kelner
Oct 29, 2010 - 11:17:01 AM

Now, the last thing you want is the expression of pus, and feathers awry.  Let's see if the concierge can help...

By the way, I wonder what the French is for concierge..

And stalkers news: 

Back on super, soaraway Radio Leeds breakfast show, 6 am (aargh) on Monday November 1st.  Available on listen again for those who rise at a respectable hour...

Guardian Screen Break column returns, Monday November 8th.

Keep watching this space for more quality audio, when I'm timewasting.  Speaking of which, do yourself a favour - The Timewaster Letters!

Also, in similar vein, Bob Servant's Delete This At Your Peril

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