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Henning Scores Again
By Martin "Mad as Hell and not going to take it" Kelner
Oct 7, 2010 - 12:23:48 PM

Yes, a unique opportunity to hear Martin and Katherine's breakfast show on BBC Radio Leeds, or at least to hear the show grinding to an unseemly halt.

First, Katherine gets very p1ssed off with Alex Bellfield's euphemism for how's-your-father, and then even more p1ssed off with her esteemed and highly experienced co-presenter for setting up lovely Henning to talk about the re-unification of Germany.  The E and H.E.C.P.'s argument that Henning was a post-modern ironic booking given his failure to say anything much last time he was on, did not really hold water...  Listen to and marvel at the audible irritation in the voice.

For radio anoraks, there are two ways of doing a breakfast show; you can take the Tony Blackburn route of pretending there is nothing better than being up at a ridiculous time in the morning and be preternaturally bright and chirpy (until your wife leaves you for an actor in a TV show), or you can adopt the Peter Finch line: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more."

We veer towards the latter...

While I'm here, stalkers, you can hear me on Fighting Talk on BBC Five Live at the slightly earlier time this Saturday of 10.30am, together with Mark Watson, Robbie Savage, and Dougie Anderson....

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