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Can't sleep, Won't sleep
By Martin "out and about" Kelner
Aug 3, 2010 - 4:07:10 PM

There's a triumphant return tonight (Tue Aug 3rd) to The Verve, Merrion Street, Leeds, sucking the last bit of flavour out of the fag-end of the news and hoping to come up with a gag or two that Keith "Mr Comedy" Chegwin hasn't already tweeted the f*ck out of....

Meanwhile, on Monday, I'm travelling to Norfolk to interview the one and only Peter Dimmock, the man who more or less invented sport on TV...

Watch out for PPP 223 featuring the world's favourite bogarse Frenchman, Edouard LaPaglie, coming soon (I know I am, etc. etc.)

and check out the Guardian TV blog towards the end of this week for a review of Channel 4's Pete Vs Life..

Planning to catch a couple of minutes sleep on Friday....

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