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Podcast Subscriptions
Are You Eligible For A Refund of PPI? If so, why not splash it out on PPP?
By Martin "the entrepreneurial spirit lives on" Kelner
Mar 31, 2016 - 4:15:34 PM

Martin & Edouard's Piss Poor Podcast is back - re-launched on 7th April 2016 - on a subscription basis.

For an hour or more of, er, freshly minted comedy - may God forgive me - you will be charged the princely sum of (less than) £1 a week, but for your convenience we have conflated this into a one-off yearly payment of just £49.95

To express an interest in joining our growing band of subscribers, express an interest now at

The fun starts with this personal email from Edouard LaPaglie:

'This is YOUR personal invitation as an early adopter to slide along the cutting edge, be ahead of the curve, at the very vanguard of the forefront of the loop as we re-launch the Piss Poor Podcast.
Take advantage of this offer NOW and subscribe NOW via PayPal  for an incredible EARLY BIRD DEAL!
    1. Introductory subscription free period, for nothing gratis.
    2. 12 months subscription, ongoing at an incredible 2012 low price of just £49.95 per year.
    What do you get for your money?
    1. IMMEDIATE Instant access to the Piss Poor Podcast feed, where you can ALREADY access over 200 editions, with later special shows being added over the coming weeks.
    2. Early notification of each and every new show as it is released.
    3. The FULL LENGTH Piss Poor Podcast version of every show.
    4. Opportunities for early bird tickets to be in the audience at LIVE RECORDINGS OF THE PODCAST.
    5. A warm feeling that you have personally contributed to keeping two old men out of the workhouse.
    Ok Edouard, I hear you say - you got me, I'm sold. Where oh WHERE do I sign up NOW??
    *Initial subscriptions are only available via 'PayPal' - you DON'T need a PayPal account, you can still use your credit/debit card via PayPal.
    **Ideally your subscription can be set to automatically feed into 'iTunes' on Mac and Windows, 'Podcasts' app on iPhones.
You also receive a standard 'MP3' link to each new broadcast, and also an 'XML' feed for use in other software. Check out Uncle Ed's technical support guide on for how to set up and tune in.'

There you are, that's all you need.  Subscribe now.  You know it makes no sense.

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